WOAH! some changes…

Most who have been to anything Upper Room related will know by now that J and Laura are jetting around the world right now. Which left a great space missing for a youth worker at Cairns Road and in the Upper Room…

But its ok!

May I introduce myself…

I am Fiona!

Find me on Facebook: Fiona Macdonald and I am the current admin on the Upper Room Facebook page (so you can find me there!)

No doubt there will be plenty of opportunities to get to know me a little better over the next few months as I to grips with all the groups and things to do! But here is a little summary…

  • Yes I do dye my hair regularly- colours are varied and recommendations welcome
  • I come from Clevedon originally, moved to Bristol to work here
  • I like watch live bands but unfortunately can’t play anything more than CDs
  • I like toast but not baked beans

Enough of my ramble! Upper Room will return in the new term in september so see you then!


Last minute trip form

For those who know what I’m on about:

Consent Form for Beach Trip 2011 newest

Yr 9 Beach Trip! Deadline for consent is this friday!!!

We are taking a trip down to the beach in the June Half term. If you are yr 9, this is for you. Download the forms and get them to us by friday!!!

Consent Form for Beach Trip 2011 new

Injustice Acoustics 2!

For Tickets see J or Gerry

Weekend Away Final Letter and Kit List!

Hi Friends,

Heres the Final Letter and Kit List for those of you who were not here on friday!

Youth Weekend Away 2011 Final Letter


Sleepover for the 11th March 2011 form

year 9 Sleepover for the 11th March 2011 form

Consent Form girls sleep over March 2011

Download it and bring it with you tomorrow!


Malmesbury Abbey Skate Event

For all you guys and girls who like skating and scootering there is a massive event coming up next week at Malmesbury Abbey. They basically turn a old church into a skate park, have live music, competitions etc, its pretty sick!

Anyway if you like that sort of thing make sure you head up to it!

You can register online @


Weekend Away Forms!


Hi Friends,

Here are the forms for the best weekend of the year (excluding Christmas…and birthdays).

Youth Weekend 2011 pt1

Youth Weekend Additional info 2011

Parental Consent for events and activities-1

Parental Consent for events and activities-2

Remember to print all the forms!

Remember the weekend away is all about fun and part of that fun is our evening sessions, so bring your brains as well as a change of clothes!



Christmas Rave!

The last club night (17th December) will be a little different!
– There will be a DJ
– There will be snow
– There will be Mocktails
– There will be Bouncy fun
– There will be a Gaming room
…and lots more!

REMEMBER IF YOU COME IN A CHRISTMAS OUTFIT YOU GET IN FREE! So from angels to fat men in red suits come prepared!

November weekend away final info letter!

Hey Friends,

For those of you who are coming on our  12th of November weekend away I have attached the final letter with all the info you will need. Please download it as it is your direction and kit list!

Youth Weekend Away 2010 November Final Letter


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