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Malmesbury Abbey Skate Event

For all you guys and girls who like skating and scootering there is a massive event coming up next week at Malmesbury Abbey. They basically turn a old church into a skate park, have live music, competitions etc, its pretty sick!

Anyway if you like that sort of thing make sure you head up to it!

You can register online @



Christmas Rave!

The last club night (17th December) will be a little different!
– There will be a DJ
– There will be snow
– There will be Mocktails
– There will be Bouncy fun
– There will be a Gaming room
…and lots more!

REMEMBER IF YOU COME IN A CHRISTMAS OUTFIT YOU GET IN FREE! So from angels to fat men in red suits come prepared!

Downs Trip Next Week! May 14th!

Hi Friends,

Remember next week (May 14th) we are going to the downs so make sure you bring your consent! Without it you cannot come!!!!!

Consent form white tree 2010 14th May

See ya!


This Weeks Upper Room (Friday!)


Friday Club this week is 2pm to 4pm! I know random timings, but it means you get to come so that’s a good thing!

I will open from 2pm-4pm so see you there!



Youth Work over the summer!!! UPDATE

Youth Work over the summer 09'

Dates of the Youth Work going on over the summer!!

Apologies but Thursday the 20th has been canceled! Due to everyone parting up their results! Congrats!!

Youth Work over the summer



Quiz Night! July 10th!

Quiz Aid Poster

Hello Friends,

Bit of info for you!

On the 10th of July Club is not on as usual. We have a pub quiz going on downstairs and your all invited. Its in aid of charity work run by Christian Aid. Come along it should be a laugh!

Download the Quiz poster below:

Quiz Aid Poster



Youth Work Team Gathering! (All you Leaders (16-100 years old)

This Sunday.
4-7pm in the Upper Room.

Come join us as we explore what the youth work at Cairns Road is about and as we have some fun polishing up some of our skills.

This is for those who already help out at youth and for those who are interested!

Please come along!polish_medics

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