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WOAH! some changes…

Most who have been to anything Upper Room related will know by now that J and Laura are jetting around the world right now. Which left a great space missing for a youth worker at Cairns Road and in the Upper Room…

But its ok!

May I introduce myself…

I am Fiona!

Find me on Facebook: Fiona Macdonald and I am the current admin on the Upper Room Facebook page (so you can find me there!)

No doubt there will be plenty of opportunities to get to know me a little better over the next few months as I to grips with all the groups and things to do! But here is a little summary…

  • Yes I do dye my hair regularly- colours are varied and recommendations welcome
  • I come from Clevedon originally, moved to Bristol to work here
  • I like watch live bands but unfortunately can’t play anything more than CDs
  • I like toast but not baked beans

Enough of my ramble! Upper Room will return in the new term in september so see you then!



Next Weeks Antics! (Thursday and Friday)

Hey Guys and Girls,

Next Thursday (July 2nd) will be another movie night so let me know of any ideas!

Next Friday (July 3rd) we are going to make a trip to the downs play some football, rugby, frisbee, rounders, kite flying, whatever we can think of! So come along! I’ve attached the consent form with the details!

Catch ya soon!


Consent Form for downs trip


Youth Work at Cairns Road Brochure

Youth Work Brochure thumb

Overview of the youth work at present!

Youth Work Brochure

Check it Out



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